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Sympathy Bouquets

You can customize each bouquet to Suite your color scheme or event

A guide to color choices, any of the above bouquets can be customized to match your requirements. This will affect prices please confirm prices with us before placing your order. 

Complete and submit this form to obtain prices and availability for you requirements.

  • White: Whether used alone or in conjunction with another color, white flowers are the most commonly used funeral flowers. Not only do white flowers tend to mean innocence and purity, it so happens that almost all of the most commonly used flowers at funerals—lilies, roses, carnations and mums—can be white.
  • Red: Red flowers, especially deep, velvety reds like roses, conjure thoughts of love and grief. Roses are a popular choice for funerals, but you could also opt for dramatic red mums or red carnations.
  • Lavender: Meaning respect and humility, lavender flowers make a lovely choice as part of a funeral flower arrangement.
  • Blue: The color of sorrow, there’s always a place for blue flowers when you’re selecting sympathy flowers. Delphinium and Carnations are popular options.